Tuesday, February 19, 2013

14 Heart Miracles on Valentine's Day

Last week was "Heart Week" and Valentine's Day. I'm sure that every single person reading this post saw at least one heart on the 14th. Hearts and the number 14 were pretty significant at the Angkor Hospital for Children in Cambodia last week as well!

This summer our Tri4Number1 Run will be raising funds for Hearts Without Boundaries. Last week the Heart Without Boundaries medical team, led by thoracic surgeon Michael E Mitchell saved the hearts of 14 amazing children!

Patient #1: Chamroeun Thy, age 2. Diagnosis ASD = 10mm

Patient #2: Sovanarith Tep, age 3. Diagnosis VSD = 8mm
 Patient #3: Sokheng Meas, age 5. Diagnosis VSD = 1cm

Patient #4: Sorn Sreihen, age 7. Diagnosis ASD 

Patient #5: Rim Sovanreach, age 4. Diagnosis VSD = 7mm and PDA=3mm

Patient #6: Porn Ratanak, age 1.5. Diagnosis VSD

Patient # 7: Chanda Keng, age 10.5 diagnosis VSD=17 mm/PH
 Patient # 8: Soth Sreipich, age 16 diagnosis VSD=10 mm 

Patient # 9: Yean Reatrey, age 5.5 diagnosis VSD=8 mm/PDA=3mm
 Patient # 10: Arifin Moth, age 2 diagnosis TOF

Patient # 11: Huy Huoch, age 6.5 diagnosis TOF

Patient # 12: Minta Ruom, age 4.5 diagnosis TOF

Patient # 13: Srei Hin Horl, age 2.5 diagnosis ASD 13mm

Patient # 14: Kunnang Ou, age 8.5 diagnosis ASD 2cm

Please keep these children in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to 

recover. Visit the Heart Without Boundaries facebook page for pictures and 

blogs of the miracles in progress.
Photo taken From Hearts Without Boundaries facebook page click the picture to go to their page

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