Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Race Results and Thanks!

I'm alive and healing fast, but I wanted to give you a quick update. Denise and I thank all of you for your support! We had 28 different people donate their hard earned money to ACHA and over 90 people shared our fundraising page on facebook! To date we have raised $1,072!

I didn't quite hit the 100 mile mark, but feel great since we achieved the important part. That being said, I still know that 100 is a possibility in the future.

Here were the race results. Each Lap was 8.456 miles:

Lap 1: 1:23:03   Lap 2: 3:00:05 (1:37:02 split) Lap 3: 4:42:54 (1:42:49)  Lap 4: 6:37:55 (1:55:01)

Lap 5: 8:35:09 (1:57:19)  Lap 6: 10:57:28 (2:22:14) Lap 7: 13:11:44 (2:14:16) 

Lap 8: 15:38:45 (2:27:01)   Lap 9:  20:36:39 (4:57:54)

I ended up finishing 58th overall and 38th in the men's division. There were 208 competitors... and 92 no shows! The race was incredibly run with awesome support and volunteers.

We'll be posting a video soon! Yes, I'll also post the blister popping video...

Thanks to all of the following for your donations! You guys made this an awesome experience!

21 miles ($210)
Shari & Kevin Matson (Mom & Dad)

10 miles ($100)
Thinking about another lap next morning before med team said
"We don't recommend that."
Nancy Johnson
RND Automation & Engineering

7.5 miles ($75)
Aunt Katie Weinell

5 miles ($50)
The Berg Family
Van Wedgeworth
Sharon Davis
John Matson
Aunt Nelle Everitt

3 miles ($30)
Cristine Velazco
Gaye Maxson
The Luke Family (3 miles for Brady's 3 open heart surgeries)

2.5 miles ($25)                                               
Mary Day                                                      

24 hour sponsors ($24)
Debbie Ackaway
Paul Willgoss
Marsha Moberly

2 miles ($20)
Mary Ellen Mannix
Jim O'Keefe
Ethan & Lydia Bosch

1 mile ($10)
Catherine Kleber
Lena Morsch
Tim Tillery
Bethany Focht
Paul Bond
Lisa McGhan
Jim Blue
Terry Repp
Tiffany Mytty-Klein

Also thanks to Raul Amaya for covering my race entry and to the Cheshire family for delivering race route Mike & Ikes!

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