Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'd Have to Say My Mom is One of the Best

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and naturally this week I was thinking about how great my Mom is. I was thinking about all of the things she has done and my mind also wonders off to all of the awesome meals she has cooked (besides meals, she also bakes the world's greatest cinnamon rolls).

One friend of my Mom's really stood out in my head, though. Through our church, my Mom was introduced to a lady named Sandy. Sandy was probably in her 40's, she had some mental handicaps, and she was very overweight. She was very similar to about a second grader, which is about the age I was when we first met Sandy.

Despite Sandy's mental and physical health problems, she was a very independent woman and was determined to live on her own. Sandy would frequently have health issues that required nurses to visit her. And 99.9% of the time my Mom would receive a call from nurses saying that Sandy had locked them out and was not letting them in. There was something about my Mom that made Sandy listen to her.

From the time Sandy got bumped by a car on her scooter (the driver said she was distraced by Sandy's pink slippers) to the 3 hour meals at Perkins, to helping her move several times, and visiting her the frequent times she would be placed in the hospital, I think my Mom being a motherly figure to Sandy was pretty cool. She didn't do it out of obligation, but because she really cared for her.

I feel pretty fortunate to have been given one of the best!

Photo by EONI

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